You will have all heard about this new product on the market and at VTW we are pleased to have been involved in the introduction of this fabulous new product in the market place. In fact we were the first distributor to get the product into the marketplace and see ourselves as an industry leader in supplying the best products available to our customers. SO WHAT IS THE PRODUCT ALL ABOUT.


e-beam+ engineered LVL offers structural properties that are equivalent to or better than hardwood F17 at competitive prices and is engineered to maximize the efficient use of material and time.

· Engineered for straightness and consistent performance
· High load bearing capacity
· Available in lengths from 2.4m to 7.2 with longer lengths available as special manufacture up to 12.6m
· e-beam+ is available in full range of section sizes
· e-beam+ is available generally ex-stock
· e-beam+ is competitvely priced when compared with F17 hardwood
· High strength yet lighter and safer to handle
· Chamfered edges for safer and more comfortable handling
· Manufactured from 100% plantation pine
· e-beam+ is manufactured by a wholly owned Australian company